Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So sorry that we have not posted for a while. Summer is incredibly busy. My sweet princess is doing well at fighting back at her OCD "Stinker". We are learning so much on this journey and will share more later. We have been referred many books from our psychiatrist and counselor. We are very blessed to have found two specialists that specialize in OCD. Finding a counselor and psychiatrist who specialize in OCD is key. Our counselor told us two weeks ago, that the average person will go through 9 counselors, before finding one who can actually help. To help you locate someone who specializes in your area, please contact the IOCD or We sincerely hope that this blog will help others. Did you know that OCD is the "Doubting Disease"? It fills their minds with doubts about everything and "The Doubting Disease" demands certainty to fight back.

In the words of my daughter, "When OCD hits, it feels like a bolt of lightning". The anxiety becomes so all consuming that it can shut her down for extended periods of time. I am so excited to report that she is winning this battle.

Watch for more to come on a regular basis!!! Good luck to all!

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