Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fighting back against Stinker

Today I had a meeting with my counselor I set three goals with her. 1. To not pull my hair or pick at my fingers in the car. 2. To try to stay in the shower by myself for as long as I can. 3. To try to stay in the house by myself. Now that I have finished trying to keep my mind off of the thoughts I have to play the same game of stinker. When ever I get a thought like when I am in the car I get a thought that we're going to crash and so I use to have to sing a song and do a hand game. Now I have to tell my self out loud, oh we're going to crash and we're going to get hurt really bad. I tried it last week and it was really hard, but my family has helped me a lot and my mom and dad have helped me the most and I am grateful for my family and all of the support they have given me. I am sorry I have not written as much but it's been really busy. I have started on pills that will help me not pull my hair out and take away all the stress. I have had them for 2 weeks and they have helped me a lot. I hope my blog will help many of you, and that you can be able to have fun with this.

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