Friday, July 8, 2011

Fighting back in the shower

I don't normally stay in the shower by myself because I get a thought that someone is going to take me. So I set a goal with my dad and counselor that I would try and just stand in the shower by myself with no one in the room and see how long I could stay in the shower. I tried staying by myself for as long as I could but then STINKER came! I started to fight back and told myself that someone was coming to get me and I would not see anyone again. I started to scare myself really bad and could not do it any longer. Right after I scared myself my mom got home and came into the bathroom. I was grateful for her coming in because I did not want to get out. I was really proud of myself at first but then a big jolt of disappointment hit me. I was so sad that I could not do it any longer, but now I feel really proud of myself, my dad was so proud of me and my mom. I hope that I can try it again and that some of you can work on helping yourselves. I wish all of you good luck and hope you will get better.

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