Thursday, June 16, 2011

What my days have been like

I thought it might be helpful to tell what my days have been like, I am really scared of going downstairs by myself, I always have to have someone downstairs with me which is hard because my bedroom is downstairs. When I want to be by myself but am to scared to go anywhere I always have to have someone with me, because I get a thought that tells me someones going to take me. I cant be by myself outside because whenever a car passes I get a thought and that's when I would either run away or call for someone to be with me. It gets harder and harder and harder after a while if you don't try to do the opposite of what that thought is telling you to do. I went to my counselor and she told me to do some kind of activity while I am by myself downstairs or outside alone. Some of the things were singing as loud as you could while hopping or jumping or doing jumping jacks. One day I tried doing this when I went downstairs and sang while hopping and it worked! I was so excited and the next week I told my counselor and she was very proud of me! Each day I will try to tell you more of what my days have been like. I have always been afraid of a lot of things and have had a lot of anxiety. I am now learning that life can be different and I don't always have to be afraid.

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