Friday, June 10, 2011

About Me

Hi, my name is Mikalyn and I have OCD,
when I first found out that I had OCD I didn't really understand what it was after a while I got it and started understanding it a lot more. About a week ago my parents went out of town and my grandparents stayed with me, it was really hard for me and I would have to call my parents 4 times a day. It felt like I was alone and no one was there to help me but then when I went to my counselor she helped me out a lot. I did much better the next week and was very proud of myself. Sometimes when I get thoughts it feels like I am by myself and no one can help me but then when I go to my counselor she helps me a lot. The reason me and my mom started this blog was to help other people, because my cousin was the one who helped me with OCD. I am really excited to talk about everything that happens, and I hope I can help a lot of people. Lets Kick OCD out to the curb!!!!!


  1. I'm so glad you started a blog!! You are amazing. Love ya! xo

  2. Mikalyn, You are such a quick study! You are taking charge and bossing back OCD! You're starting to not listen to those false messages that Stinker (your name for OCD) is sending into your mind. I love the way you do distractions. Instead of listening to Stinker's lies you do something else: ride your bike and sing, jump down the stairs doing cheers and singing, sing and do hand claps or games. You are starting to do the opposite of what Stinker is telling you to do!
    You are lucky to have a mom who is a good coach for you and an amazing sister who will do a distraction with you when you need it. Keep up the good work! It is a real privilege for me to work with you. Margy